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At Lomond Yachts, our focus is on clients rather than the yachts. Sure, the yachts are important, but the precise requirements of our clients are more important to us. We want to ensure the first day onboard is exactly what was envisaged when the decision to purchase or charter a yacht appeared on your radar. There may have been a number of reasons. Whether it’s to sail the seven seas, to travel the world whenever you choose or live permanently offshore. We are very interested in identifying the nuances that will help our clients make one of the most important decisions in their life. That’s what makes Lomond Yachts unique in the industry and why our clients are growing. A discrete and personal service with no fanfare, just solid selection of a high quality yacht on or off market, concepts from top designers, build options from one of many European shipyards, or a yacht listed with our global network of brokers.





We can help you find yachts on and off-market. Contact us today and we’ll start the process.

Super Search

Join our exclusive Yacht Club which has unique search facilities in many languages. You can search based on size, price, location and more.


Interested in Chartering a Superyacht for a week ? There are hundreds to choose from and a wide range of pricing. Tell us more about your dates, guests, where you’d like to go and we’ll do the rest.


We can work with you to provide an exclusive SuperYacht Seminar to you and your team of advisors or colleagues. Bringing the market to life in a Webex at your convenience.


After the boat show has finished, then what ? If you are keen to keep connected with all the latest news, share your favourite yachts, or follow industry experts, you’re welcome to signup to our exclusive SuperYachters social network.

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