Welcome to our Associate Network


To help SERVE OUR CLIENTS BETTER, and to INCREASE OUR reach around the world, we introduced the LOMOND YACHTS  ASSOCIATE network.

ASSOCIATES are those entrepreneurs and well-connected individuals who work with us to assist clients to find that perfect yacht. These connections can be made face to face, by telephone via email, in a newsletter, on website links or in a social media post.


What is the Lomond Yachts Asscoiates Network ?

We have a growing network of associates who work with us to refer clients to our services. In return, a percentage of the final commission received by Lomond Yachts will be shared if an associate introduces a client who makes a successful purchase or charter of a yacht.

Who can register ?

We prefer it if you are currently working with High Net Worth clients in one of the following:- family offices, finances, legal, insurance, designers, property, travel, concierge, prestige cars, private jets or helicopters.  We find those are areas who work best with our product range, but we are open to consider other businesses and individuals who are well connected.

How do you register ?

To register your interest, please click on the register button below.  After an initial assessment of suitability, you will be given a unique associate code which can be added to any of our yacht sales pages. 

What commission do you receive ?

Our basic commission rate will be advised to you on application and it will depend on your skills and experience and ability to bring in clients. There will be a trial period of 3 months and your percentage will increase after this period.

How does the service work ?

Details of this will be provided to you and consists of adding a code to the URL of our website links.