What is Lomond Yachts Club Affiliate Network ?

Launched in January 2017, we have a growing network of affiliates who work with us to refer clients to our services. In return a percentage of the final commission received by Lomond Yachts will be shared if an affiliate introduces a client who makes a successful purchase or charter of a yacht.

Who can register ?

We prefer it if you are currently working with High Net Worth clients in one of the following:- family offices, finances, legal, insurance, designers, property, travel, concierge, prestige cars, private jets or helicopters.  We find those are areas who work best with our product range, but we are open to consider other businesses and individuals who are well connected.

How do you register ?

To register your interest, please visit Lomond Yachts Club and click on Register. When you've completed the registration, send us a quick introduction email to let us know more about you on our contact form and how you feel you'd be suitable as an affiliate.  After an initial assessment of suitability, you will be given a unique affiliate code which can be added to any of our yacht sales or charter pages on our LomondYachts.Club site.

What commission do you receive ?

For January 2017, the basic commission rate is set at 20% of the total commission received by us. This will be reviewed from time to time but at least every 6 months with more active and successful affiliates may be eligible for an increase of 5% to a maximum of 40%. This will help us to reward those who are successful and fit the right profile for our service.

What other services can you market ?

We will be introducing pages with luxury property, prestige cars, private jets, helicopters and other luxury assets which will also command the same commission as our yachts.

How does the service work ?

You will be provided with a unique affiliate ID. An example is 850. You then merely need to add &atid=850 to any search (or ?&atid=850). 

When someone clicks on the link and then submits a contact form, your affiliate ID will be embedded in the request and we'll know where the request came from. We will make you aware of any interest and our progress towards a successful sale. An example of an affiliate URL is as follows:-


Where can you use these affiliate links ?

If you then use this in Facebook or LinkedIn, the image of the yacht will be displayed and you can share this successfully with your network. For Twitter, you can download the main yacht image and upload that with your link and comment.  To add to your website, you may only use the main image of the yacht and any of the description as long as it includes your affiliate link.

No other permission or usage of the images is provided, and we may change the usage in future so please ensure you read our newsletters and updates for any revision to the service. 

How do you make it easier to publish on your social media ? 

You can use our scheduling tools at Socialater.com which makes it easier to publish in advance, create marketing images, bulk post, choose hashtags that work for you, research other suitable content on your feed and see analytics of who is viewing your posts and when. Our team of content writers, can even work with you to post regularly on your behalf.